About Team Mooney Real Estate

RE/MAX Team Mooney is located at 163 Dowse Drive, Maungaraki, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand.

Tel: 04 589 1895 (landline) or 021 742596 (cell phone).

Rick and Christine have worked in Real Estate, based in the Hutt Valley for over 30 years between them. It is a career that demands hours of dedication and commitment and their achievements to date show that they have the commitment necessary to achieve while they have always tried to maintain a balance that ensured they always have time for family and friends.

They actively support schools and pre-schools in the Maungaraki area and have also supported local sports clubs. Rick was President of the Maungaraki Community Association for over 10 years and has also been involved with the Western Community Committee of the Hutt City Council taking an active interest in all things relating to the Western Hills and Alicetown.

Whether it is buying, selling, appraising or just free advice you were wanting, nothing is too much trouble and they would love to hear from you regarding any real estate matter.

Sales History

Career Sales now exceed 830 and a value of homes over $280 million (as at December 2016).

Year Number Houses Sold Average House Price
2015 25 $397200
2014 44 $428333
2013 27 $410000
2012 40 $394,000
2011 27 $413,000
2010 35 $399,000
2009 43 $381,000
2008 38 $421,000
2007 66 $349,000
2006 74 $318,237
2005 70 $299,736
2004 87 $263,433
2003 58 $235,630

For over 20 years Rick has maintained a passion for ensuring that his clients get the treatment and service they deserve. Team Mooney has been part of Leaders, affiliated with RE/MAX for some years and after a brief hiatus have returned to be a part of RE/MAX and are looking forward to exciting times ahead.